Blazed as hell.

Wullf Yularen was an Admiral in the Grand Army of the Republic and a generally all around nice guy. His moustache gave him a fatherly appearence to his troopers, who would follow him to the ends of the universe, or to a lucky shot from a Battle Droid. He commanded a Star Destroyer in the Clone Wars named Resolute, which could be where GI Joe got the name from. He worked along many famous Jedi, including Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and that annoying chick. It was rumored that Yularen and the annoying chick had a 'thing' but it was never proven.

After the Animated Series

Wullf seeming got the short end of the stick when he was demoted to Colonel after the animated series. They say it was because he transferred to the Imperial Security Bureau, but everyone really knows it's because he made some not so nice remarks about the Emperor's scars and how he should go see a dermatoligist. He claims to have been drunk, but it was a dry party.

Where the White Uniforms At?

There is actually no organizational significance to Yularen's white uniform.  He accidentally washed his uniform with bleach.  Vader ordered him to requisition a new proper gray uniform, but Yularen foolishly spent his clothing allowance on mustache combs and libations.  As a result, he nervously sat through briefings hoping Vader would not notice his failure conform to regulations.  Yularen was so tense waiting to face Vader's wrath that his ass would often cramp during briefings.


Yularen spent most of the Battle Of Yavin in Infirmary #23, deep within the Death Star. This was because he'd gone to relieve himself in his bathroom, and was chomped on his rectum by the Dianoga living in the sewer system. He feared it also "tentacled" him, but that's something he wouldn't admit to Nurse Grumblemeyer. He was still seven stitches away from being finished when Luke's lucky shot blew up the Spacestation.


Yularen won several Republic's annual Facial Hair Awards, but his opponents frequently accused him of using his position to intimidate voters.  In truth, one of his wins had been legitimate, but fearing a loss would end his military career, he cheated for the rest of them.