Ahhhhh! Run for your lives!

Veedaaz Awmetth was a Senator representing Sarrish during the Clone Wars.  He was absolutely terrifying.

Senate Career

While his appearance led most of his acquaintances to assume he was some sort of badass Sith Lord, Veedaaz looked pretty normal by Sarrish standards.  In fact, he was a gentleman and scholar among his gentle, sophisticated people.  He was elected to the Senate largely on his promises to oppose military action against the growing separatist threat.  He strongly opposed the Military Creation Act, a move that put him at odds with many senators loyal to Palpatine, insisting that the conflict could be settled through diplomatic means, and that individual planets needed to take responsibility for their own defense.  Once the Clone Army had been assembled, Awmetth refused to allow troops to be stationed on Sarrish, and continued to publically criticize Palpatine's use of military force.  Shortly after a passionate speech to the Senate, his home planet was attacked and taken over by the CIS, who used an excessively large army, despite the fact that the planet held no strategic importance.  Awmetth was forced to admit that its planetary defenses alone were insufficient.  The planet was eventually liberated by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Battle of Sarrish, but Awmetth's political credibility had already been destroyed.


Through the rest of the conflict, Awmetth kept quiet and avoided public scrutiny.  While he continued to vote against many of Palpatine's agenda items, he declined an offer to join the Delegation of 2000, saying that, if he had to choose between peace and justice, he would take peace.  When the Galactic Empire was declared, Awmetth left the senate and returned to Sarrish.  There he wrote several treatises urging nonviolent resistance to the Empire.  Some of his works circulated among the Rebel Alliance, but the Alliance leadership rejected his notion that the Empire could be broken from within.  Awmetth declined several invitations to give speeches, due to his fear of leaving his home planet.  When the Empire began enslaving Sarrish, Awmetth reluctantly agreed to Jabba the Hutt's invitation to be smuggled off the planet.  He was picked up by Duke Spacejogger and delivered to Tatooine.  Awmetth was disgusted by the lack of education and refinement on most of Tatooine, so he moved to Anchorhead.  There he continued to write and was eventually hired by the Anchorhead Times as a columnist.  While researching a multi-part piece about the disturbing practice of killing Womp Rats for fun, Awmetth was accidentally shot by a teenager in T-16.

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