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Welcome to The Banthapedia

This Wiki is about exploring some of the lesser-known tales of the Star Wars Galaxy. Yes we have facts and stories from the movies, but there's also an intense focus on the peripheral. Things you may have missed, not heard about, or never had any clue about.

The tales are so poorly known that they have never been published before, and are not considered canon by anyone. In fact, you could say, that they are completely made up.


  • 8/13/09: Banthapedia has been established.

Banthapedia: The Non-Canon Star Wars Wiki That Anyone Can Edit. Even Ruadh.

Have at it.

Please, no erotic fanfic.

Special Stuff


What makes us special? Here's a few things you won't find at any other 'pedia out there:

  • Jedi! Yes, an incredibly comprehensive list!

  • Greedo - That's right, there's a whole bunch of 'em.


Gene Frenkle xwing.jpg


  • And don't forget to keep an eye out for all the things Uncle Owen is pointing out to his nephew Luke.

Article of the Week

Coruscant Racists 

"It's okay to hate their kind, Luke. They aren't even really people. They're just CG."


Completely Made Up Character of the Week

Hundred Year Nerf Rapings

Owen points Luke to the article about Yingo in order to ensure the next generation is able to prevent another Nerf Brutalizing.