Sy Snootles was a Pa'lowick vocalist who convinced Max Rebo to leave his gig at the Laf-Fart to join her in a trio with Droopy McCool. The trio did relatively well until one night Max accidentally signed three backup singers while Sy slept with horn players Barquin D'an and Doda Bodonawieedo. Barquin pulled a knife on Max, assuring him that there was no way he'd have slept with Snootles if he'd known he wouldn't have gotten a slot in the band. That night they also added Rappertunie, and toured as a supergroup. Eventually being signed as Jabba The Hutt's house band proved beneficial for some members of the band, being that the Palace was also a rehab center. But of course it did most of them in when Luke Skywalker blew them all up in the Skirmish Of Carkoon.
Old Sy Snootles

OG Sy.