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"A Sith Lawd?!" - Mace Windu

Sith Lords were badass. Like Jedi, they had Force powers. Most had yellow and red eyes, and several could shoot lightning from their hands. They were also voted "way more sexy than Jedi" in Lonely Housewife and Retarded Teenage Girl magazines.

Exar Kun: A general douchebag

Darth Revan, really old Sith guy.

Lord Kaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Big Daddy.

Darth Gape, lowest Force sensitivity, highest apprentice count.

Darth Anous, sexy as $^#%!!

Darth ChuckMc. Go on, taunt the bunny hat. See what happens.

Sidious. Sexy as ^%$#!!

Darth Millenial doesn't have time for your rules.

Talon. Yum!

Ancient Sith Lords

Old Republic Sith Lords

See: Brotherhood of Darkness

Rule Of 2 Sith Lords

Offshoots from the Rule of 2 who didn't follow that rule

See Sith Gang.


  • Yansu Grjak
  • Sai Sircu
  • Charal
  • Mei Lai
  • Ros Lai
  • Mighella
  • Axkva Min
  • Robetheri
  • Silri
  • Zalem
  • Tamith Kai

The One Sith

Non-Sith Important To The Order