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This pretty much ended it.

The Second Galactic Civil War was much shorter than the other one, but also much more confusing.

Who Started It?[]

After the Yuuzhan Vong nonsense, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances ended up in charge of everything. Things were going relatively smoothly until some trouble-makers on Corellia started making fun of its name. The GFFA demanded that they stop, but they wouldn't listen, and even got other planets to start making fun of it. Also they stopped paying taxes. In order to bring Corellia and its allies back in line, the GFFA arrested Wedge Antilles, who was the least trouble-making Corellian in the Galaxy. This was the last straw, and a full-on war started.

How Did It End?[]

The GFFA got all Sithy, so the Jedi quit and started their own faction. What was left of the Empire and Boba Fett and his Mandalorians got involved because, hey, it was a war. Jacen Solo got killed by his sister, Corellia surrendered to the Jedi, and the Empire switched sides. Somehow this left the GFFA intact and now led by Natsai Daala, who implemented radical anti-Jedi policies. It should surprise nobody that this arrangement didn't work out that well.

Who Was There?[]