Luke Gazes down at the gaping sarlacc. That's just what it looks like. It doesn't symbolize anything.

The Sarlacc is totally not a vagina.

Not a Vagina Edit

Seriously. The Sarlacc does not reflect any kind of weird sexual issues of anyone.

If you look at it and see a vagina, maybe that's your problem. Let's not even mention if you look at it and see a big toothy anus.

Digestion Edit

So the Sarlacc takes a thousand years to digest food. This was thought to be an extraordinatliy painful and torturous means of death by those who are unaware that people can't live for a thousand years, and their lifespan inside the sarlacc, while rough, would not be very long at all in the apparent absence of food and water.

Escape Edit

Boba Fett was swallowed by a Sarlacc once, but then he escaped. This in no way symbolized a new birth, as he emerged from the sandy vagina of the world.