Rystall was a Theelin from New Bornalex. At a young age, her parents took her to Coruscant, and she fell in love with the Entertainment District. As soon as she was of age, she would travel back to visit as often as possible.

Coming upon harsh economic times, Rystall's parents moved to Tatooine. In school, Rystall befriended Lyn Me and Greeata Jendowanian, forming lifelong friendships that carried well beyond high school.

After several years of growing older together, the trio were able to catch the Max Rebo Band performing in Mos Eisley. Lyn Me made a joke about the Ortolan Nalargon player being 'doable'. By the end of the performance, the three women had consumed enough alcohol to act on a bet to see which could last the longest with Max Rebo before becoming sick. Unfortunately, Rystall wasn't the winner, but all three were signed on as backup singers for the Band.

They later agreed to be the house band at Jabba's Palace, which led to Rystall having a torid love affair with Boba Fett. It also led to her being aboard Jabba The Hutt's Sail Barge when Luke Skywalker blew it up, killing most onboard including Rystall and her friends.
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Owen Lars tells Luke "All the grains of sand in the dune represent the number of women on Tatooine that are hotter than your aunt."