"Hey! You could make your potato salad!"

-Roy Bacon to one of his aunts when planning a family reunion.

Roy and his brothers hailed from the planet Klaatooine. Roy was the quiet one of thegang, and quite introspective. He was also the slowest to anger, and very generous with those he cared for. Unfortunately, Roy's life was riddled with tragedy. His oldest brother Karl was a gambling addict, and their mother became horrible ill. Second brother Bill convinced them to work as smugglers in order to pay for her medical bills, along with their cousin Yotts. Roy and Yotts both discovered a love for Spice, and secretly became addicted to it. They would often sneak off alone to score some spice, trying desperately to keep Bill from finding out their weakness. When Roy's mother passed away, he sank even deeper into his addiction, and was unable to hide it any longer from older brother Bill.

Bill quickly took the brothers to Tatooine, looking for work as thugs. Roy welcomed the change of scenery, hoping it could help him overcome the Spice. He and Yotts maintained for several weeks, even making a new friend in Jim Toback. But it as soon as Roy made connections in Mos Eisley, he was neck deep again in the spice. This time, however, Yotts did not join him in his downward spiral.

After a brief stint as bodyguards for the Landspeeder salesperson Wioslea, Roy and his brothers went to work for Jabba The Hutt with Jim. Roy was stationed as a skiff guard, and found a fellow addict in Pote Snitkin. The other brothers were distressed by seeing what Roy was becoming, but were unable to keep him and Snitkin apart. Roy then started stealing things from the other skiff guards, and even his brothers, to buy more Spice. When the brothers game Roy the "tough love" treatment, he was heartbroken in return. He realized how much he loved his brothers, and how much he'd hurt them with his actions. He stopped the Spice that very day. Pote Snitkin became enraged by Roy's turn, and beat the crap out of him. It was a beating Roy was proud to suffer through.

One day, the brothers learned that Karl had relapsed into his gambling addiction. Bill looked at Roy with pride. Roy had proven that they could overcome their weaknesses. As soon as they returned from executing some Rebels at the Sarlacc Pit, Roy hoped to help his brother Karl find his strength. Together, they'd overcome this terrible affliction.

Roy was stationed aboard the escort Skiff during the Skirmish At Carkoon, with Pote Snitkin driving and giving him stinkeye the entire way there. Then Luke Skywalker somehow got a lightsaber, and everything was a blur. Before he knew it, Roy was sliding into the Sarlacc himself.
Roy Bacon

Roy trying to blast that pesky bird that attacked Cliff Nambla on the way to Carkoon.