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Pager Dirklan focuses on Mon Mothma, one hot MILF.

Pager was an A-Wing pilot for the Rebel Alliance. He flew in the Battle Of Endor, and was a close personal friend to Tycho Celchu and Squat Clemmens. He flew as Green Two.

Pager's assignement during the Battle of Endor was to destroy as many greebles and nurnies along the surface of the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Executor as he could.  He was doing just fine until that bastard Arvel Crynyd ruined everything by accidentally destroying the Executor.  Pager still got the Greeble Recognition Citation , but he always felt he could have done so much more. 


Prior to Endor, Pager helped his friend Squat Clemmens depart from the Alliance Fleet. Squat eventually became the most famous man in the galaxy.