Oola was a Twi'Lek from Ryloth. She was a dancer in her early years, and developed a Spice addiction in an attempt to keep her figure. It got out of hand, and before she knew it, she was performed ZJ's for a hit.

In time, Oola found her way to Jabba's Palace/Half-way house. Jabba immediately recognized that she needed help, and put her in his tough-love program for women. This meant chaining her up and objectifying her so that she'd eventually find her inner strength on her own. It seemed to work, but after a month Oola couldn't take it anymore. She demanded that Jabba release her, and he obliged. Tough love was one thing, but Jabba would never hold someone against their will unless they'd committed a serious crime.

After the weekend was over, Oola staggered back into the palace, strung out and stupid. Jabba of course took her back in. He tried desperately to convince her that she was a wonderful, beautiful woman, who deserved better than what she was doing to herself. She cried, and asked him to chain her up again. He did.
Oola defies Jabba

Oola fiending for the last time.

This happened over and over again for months, until finally one day Jabba said no. She screamed and acted out physically, tugging on the chain, calling Jabba horrible names and demanding he let her go so she can get another hit. Just one last one, she insisted. Jabba said no. He'd been through this too many times, and he was going to make sure she stuck to it this time. But as she struggled with the chain, Jabba lost his balance. To steady himself, he leaned against his armrest, and accidentally hit the button to release the trap door. Oola fell into the Rancor pit and was killed.