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Montana doesn't appreciate the rumors.

Montana was an Outer Rim world where people tended to get "funny" when they visited.


Montana was an agricultural world filled with open spaces and livestock. It was mostly lawless, but order was maintained by the ranchers themselves. Jedi Valenthyne Farfalla found the planet to be delightful and bought a small ranch there to use as a vacation home. The residents largely ignored him, but some were unsettled by his presence. After Farfalla's death, his home was converted to a Jedi outpost where teams were sometimes sent for various strategic purposes. The most populous city on the planet was Butte.  Qui-Gon Jinn once visited the city and spent the entire trip intentionally mispronouncing its name just to annoy its residents.

Notable Residents

Sith Lord and Restauranteer Lord Arby was from Montana.