The Max Rebo Band was actually put together by vocalist Sy Snootles more than the Ortolan it's named after. Sy determined that Max was a bigger name than she was due to his work at the Laf-Fart with dueling Nalargon shows. Originally a power trio, Droopy McCool finished the lineup on Chidinkalu Flute.

After a crazy drunken night where Max's sex addiction was becoming apparent, the band suddenly had tripled their members. Rystall Sant, Lyn Me, and Greeata Jendowanian signed on as backup singers after Max's verbal agreement mid-coitus. Sy Snootles had slept with Doda Bodonawieedo and Barquin D'an, both of whom mistakenly believed they'd be invited to join as well by going through with it. One quick flash of Barquin's knife later, Max asked them to play horns with Droopy on stage. Lastly, Droopy had been having a long and exciting night playing Uno with Rappertunie. The Shawda Ubb Growdi player who was actually quite talented.

Shortly after becoming the Rebo Nine, Joh Yowza showed up with some compromising photographs of Sy Snootles from years earlier, and was instantly invited to join as vocalist. Back to the Max Rebo Band, they would simply find two guys to beat the drums from off the street of what ever town they were playing in that night.

In time, Jabba The Hutt heard them playing in Mos Eisley, and asked them to come perform as the house band at his Palace. Max jumped at the chance, since it was not only steady pay but he also began seeing a therapist there about his addiction. Ak-Rev and Umpass-Stay were brought in by the Hutt as permanent percussionists, and the lineup was in its final stage.

Luke Skywalker later came to the Palace, and ultimately killed almost everyone in it at the Skirmish Of Carkoon. The only members of the Band to survive the explosion of the Sail Barge were the two percussionists, Ak-Rev and Umpass-Stay. Both walked back to the Palace, but were attacked by Tusken Raiders along the way. Ak-Rev was beaten to death, but was then used as a weapon by Umpass to drive the Tuskens away.

Umpass-Stay was the only member to truly survive Luke Skywalker's onslaught.