Lord Hoth thinks everything is gay except having fleurs-de-lis on his armor.

I'd tell you to kiss my hairy ass, but you freaks enjoy that sort of thing.

–Lord Hoth to his barber

Lord Hoth was the leader of the Jedi army that fought against the Brotherhood of Darkness.  He was kind of a prick.


Lord Hoth was not born on the planet Hoth.  His original name was Stewart Queen, which he hated.  He changed his name to Hoth because it was the first word he learned how to spell.  While he was a remarkable talent who rose quickly through the ranks of the Jedi, his gruff demeanor and overt homophobia left him friendless through most of his youth.  At the time, the Republic was engaged in a long series of wars with various groups of Sith Lords.  Hoth demanded that he be placed on the front lines and was given that honor after calling the Jedi Council "a bunch of robe-wearing pussies." 


Hoth Farfalla

Lord Hoth says something so offensive that we can't repeat it here.

Despite the fact that he was constantly insulting everyone around him, Hoth was a skilled warrior, and brilliant strategist.  Within a few years time, he had risen to the position of General, and was the highest ranking Jedi in the Republic Military.  While the Republic had been successful, Hoth realized that the only way to really win was to completely destroy all the Sith in the Galaxy.  In order to do this, he brought all the Jedi together in one army, knowing that it would eventually draw all of the Brotehrhood of Darkness together as well.  The two groups finally met on the planet Ruusan.  Over the course of several battles, Hoth had lost many of his Jedi, and was in need of reinforcements.  He sent a message back to all the Jedi not serving in the military to "grow a pair" and "stop being bitches."  This approach didn't really work.  Frustrated, he asked Lord Farfalla to try to talk to them, since they seemed to like his "faggy clothes."  While Farfalla was rightly offended, he did eventually return with a sizable army of Jedi.


With the Jedi now greatly outnumbering the Sith, Lord Kaan decided to take drastic measures and use a Thought Bomb.  Lord Hoth had Farfalla and most of the others retreat, while he went to meet Kaan and make sure he used it.  He accomplished this by berating Kaan and repeatedly referring the Brotherhood of Darkness as the "Man-on-Man Sith Rainbow Parade" among other things.  Even many of the Sith Lords were uncomfortable with his homophobic slurs, and told him to "chill out."  Finally, Kaan couldn't take any more, and detonated his bomb, trapping Hoth, as well as all Jedi and Sith in the area inside.


800px-Owen Luke

Uncle Owen shows Luke how to insult people for their sexual orientation.

Due to his heroism, the Republic overlooked his negative qualities and erected a statue of him on Ruusan.  The statue was frequently vandalized by gay-rights activists.  The Jedi pretty much stopped talking about him in order to avoid contoversy.
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