Jabbas Palace

Jabba's Palace was a big old Palace in the middle fo the Tatooine Desert.

Jabba the Hutt liked to surround himself with the following things:

Of these things, his palace was mostly filled with the 4th. Many of the visitors and members of Jabba's court were victims in a smear campaign created by the New Republic's PR department. After it was learned that many of the victims of Luke Skywalker's violent and merciless rampage were actually hired hands, recovering addicts, and invalids, Mon Mothma saw to it that their one-man Jedi Council's name was kept clean. It was then spread that they were all actually gangsters, criminals, Imperial spies, and jerks. Some may have had bad attitudes, but a surprisingly few amount on Skywalker's kill list deserved more than a slap on the wrist.  

Jabba's Court


Skiff Guards

Palace/Sail Barge Guards



Rebel Alliance

Bounty Hunters





  • Unidentified tentacled prisoner
  • Unidentified second prisoner
  • Unidentified Humanoid
  • Four unidentified short Humanoids


Droid Dungeon

Jabba's Palace also featured one of the most advanced Droid Dungeons in the Galaxy.

Led by EV-9D9, the hardworking team of dungeon masters pushed the art of torturing droids to new and exciting levels for many years.

Critics questioned the need to torture machines that, presumably, could not feel pain, but supporters pointed out that it was still fun.

It may be noted that the Gonk Droid being tortured by having his feet burned, the device doesn't actually touch his feet, leading some to wonder how easy it is to fool a droid with placebo torture.