Hermi Odle was a Baragwin male on Tatooine. He was the semi-retarded and maladjusted weapons master for Jabba the Hutt. He claimed to have invented the vibro-axe which was a dubious honor as laser based weapons had been in use for centuries by the time Odle thought close combat melee weapon technology needed updating. His biggest social shortcoming was that he lacked the sense to know when it was appropriate to laugh and as such, would often follow the lead of others. Seizing upon this, that little prick Salacious Crumb would often trick Odle into laughing inappropriately such as the time Jabba received word that his sister succumbed to her ring worm infection. Crumb led off with a quiet giggle and Odle followed by filling the room with laughter to the point that Jabba didn't even realize he was baited. He was really pissed. Jabba, who often leaned towards draconian punishments, was lenient towards the Bargawin due to his diminished mental capacities. This soft spot for Odle may have been Jabba's undoing as his gang's weaponry was woefully outdated by the time Luke showed up with his laser sword and took them all down.

Hermi Odle founded the financially successful 1-800-Flaming-Poo delivery business. The company often did particularly well during the Jawa Football League season, when angry fans flocked to his store after almost any game involving Herm Edwards. The business tanked after the Emperor disbanded the JFL in the Old Republic year of 25,057 (The year 23 by the Imperial Calendar, or year 4 by the New Republic Calendar).


Due to his loosely formed lips, Odle was unable to whistle. His best friend in the Palace was Velken Tezeri.
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"If that guy ever offers you pot, say no. He's the kinda jerk that slobbers all over it."