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Sith Lords have a very lax dress code.

Half-naked Twi'Lek Chicks make up an alarming percentage of the population of the galaxy. They can be found everywhere from Tatooine to the halls of the Galactic Senate on Coruscant, and have followed every career path from Dancer to Jedi Council Member. They are collected by the wealthy and powerful.

Some of the more famous Half-naked Twi'Lek Chicks include:

Behind the Scenes

It's a little disturbing really. Though many Half-naked Twi'Lek Chicks are EU creations, Oola first appeared in ROTJ, and several others have appeared in the subsequent prequel trilogy. Twi'Leks have somehow become the go-to alien species for sexy females- especially those who are subserviant to males. Even more disturbingly, Lucas cast his own daughter as a Twi'Lek female twice, thereby ruining the "sexy female" theme, unless you are a Chu'Bby chaser.