Greeata starts to Vogue.

Greeata was a Rodian who befriended Lyn Me and Rystall Sant at an early age. The trio formed a lifelong friendship closer than some sisters.

One night the three women were at a club in Mos Eisley, and heard the Max Rebo Band. After several drinks, they had come up with a bet about who could last the longest in bed with Max Rebo himself before getting overwhelmingly repulsed. Greeata won this with her eyes closed. Seriously, she had to close her eyes.

During the nastiness Max had promised the three ladies backup singer positions, and in time they accompanied the band to Jabba's Palace where they'd signed an exclusive deal.

Greeta was killed with most of her bandmates when Luke Skywalker blew them up on Jabba's Sail Barge.