Gauron still held charred bits of his resume in his dead hand when the Jawas came to pick the giant carcass of the Sail Barge.

Gauron Nas Tal was seen in Jabba's Palace, as well as on his Sail barge. He was there for a job interview, and thus he dressed quite dapper that day. He had just graduated from college and was responding to a want ad he saw in the Anchorhead Times for a new director of PR. Jabba's previous PR head had mysteriously disappeared.

It is unknown if he was trying to kill Jabba, but being that Jabba was really taking his time to getting around to this interview, it is likely Gauron had begun to formulate a plot in that regard. He was overheard saying to one of the other candidates, Harc Seff, "And now we're going on a pleasure cruise in the desert? This Hutt guy really knows how to commit time theft!"

Sadly, Jabba never got around to interviewing any of the cahdidates, since Luke Skywalker chose that time to go on a murderous rampage, killing just about everyone on the Sail Barge.