I feel that racing stripe there is pretty sharp.

After suffering heavy losses at the battles of Endor and Jakku, the Galactic Empire was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.   An undisclosed private equity firm purchased the Galactic Empire out of bankruptcy largely for the prime real estate holdings.  As a flyer they appointed Snoke as the Supreme Leader to attempt a turn around.  Snoke was known for turning around struggling organizations. To their surprise, he succeeded. 

Branding Edit

Prior to emerging from Chapter 11, it was decided that a rebranding was needed.  The marketing firm of Flemington, Lobot and Flemington was retained.  After rejecting the names Blue Ribbon Sports, Xfinity and New Coke, the Galactic Empire settled on the name “First Order”.  In addition to the renaming, the logo was redesigned.  The essences of the gear design was retained but everything was cranked up a notch.  The monochromatic logo was infused with flashes of red combined with way more and pointier gear teeth.  It tested through the roof and the rebranding effort was complete. 

Back in Business Edit

With credit restored, the First Order immediately got back to the business of building super weapons.  To the relief of shareholders, the First Order’s first project, Starkiller Base (codenamed Sun Sucker during production) was completed slightly ahead of schedule.  In a shrewd business move, the First Order blew up their creditor systems once Starkiller Base was online and their credit rating was immediately upgraded.  Unfortunately Starkiller Base proved fragile and was blown up.  Trading of First Order shares is suspended at the time of this entry. 

Notable Members Edit

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