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Farfalla leads his men in battle. Or is he LARPing? It's really hard to tell with him.

Valenthyne Farfalla was one of the top Jedi serving under Lord Hoth during the battles with the Brotherhood of Darkness.

Early Stuff

Farfalla was a member of some sort of near-human elf/horse hybrid race.  Let's call them Hylia and say they were from the planet Hyrule.  Farfalla was a Hylian noble who was also, like many of his people, force sensitive.  Rather than going to Coruscant, he was trained at Hyrule's royal castle by an old man who taught him how to find secret passageways by burning trees and who and who does not dislike smoke.  When he was fully trained, Farfalla went to Coruscant and joined the rest of the Jedi.  His traditional Hylian dress led many of his colleagues to assume that he was some kind of cosplayer, but his abilities eventually won them over.  He made many friends among the Jedi and even took a few of them on trips to Montana.  When Lord Kaan began escalating his conflict with the Republic, Farfalla was offered the position of Supreme Chancellor, but he turned it down, preferring to join Lord Hoth's army.


Farfalla participated in most of the battles between Hoth and the Brotherhood on the planet Ruusan.  After Hoth made some off-color comments about his "faggy clothes," Farfalla left the planet in his fabulous spaceship, but he later returned with an army of fresh Jedi.  The two leaders eventually put their differences behind them, and agreed to work together.  When the Jedi learned about Kaan's plan to use a Thought Bomb, it was decided that Farfalla would take most of the Jedi and flee its destructive power, while Hoth went to make sure that everybody died.  This left Farfalla as the leader of the Republic military.


Owen teaches Luke how to point at laugh when confronted with someone different than yourself.

After the events on Ruusan effectively ended the war with the Sith, Farfalla negotiated the Ruusan Reformations, which shifted much power from the Jedi to the Senate.  He did all kinds of important Jedi stuff for awhile. He became convinced that there were still some Sith around, so he went looking for them.  He found Darth Bane and Darth Zannah, but Bane killed him before he could make a big stink about it.