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The Republic Facial Hair Awards are almost as old as the Republic itself.  They were awarded annually until The Emperor got rid of them because he was unable to grow facial hair.


When the Republic was founded, the dominant Humans looked for ways to humiliate and diminish the Duros.  Since Duros are physiologically unable to grow facial hair, rewarding facial hair became a key policy point of the newly formed Republic.  The first official awards were held in the year 209, with an elaborate ceremony held at the Coruscant Civic Center.  Many Duros protested the event claiming dicrimination, but the newly formed (Human-dominated) Galactic Senate voted to outlaw open protests of the Facial Hair Awards.

Over the next several thousand years, the popularity of the awards rose and fell based on Galactic events and prevailing fashions.  The awards tended to be popular during wars since military commanders frequently had outstanding facial hair.  At the end of the Clone Wars, the awards came under the control of the Empire, and there were frequent accusations of fraud.  In the year 25052, comedian Yaddayaddayadda hosted the show and made several jokes about the Emperor not being nominated.  When the Emperor learned of this, he had Yaddayaddayadda executed and disbanded the awards for good.

Some members of the New Republic leadership attempted to brin gthe awards back, but they never really caught on.


Shitsky Flanksteak. Winner of several early Best Overall Facial Hair awards.

Bob Hudsol's breathtaking mustache won only once.

Initially, there was only one award given each year, but, later, new categories were introduced to reward specific forms of facial hair.

  • Best Overall Facial Hair
  • Best Mustache
  • Best Beard
  • Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Sideburns
  • Longest Beard
  • Best Use of Color in Facial Hair

Notable Winners