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Some parts of Detroit were nice. Probably.

Detroit was a Mid Rim world known for its Landspeeder industry and it's ridiculous crime rate.


Detroit has been around for awhile. Landspeeders were invented there, and Detroit was the primary producer of Landspeeders for a few thousand years. This allowed Detroit to become an economic powerhouse, and the population grew accordingly. Detroit even got its own JFL team, the Detroit Nexus. They were terrible. Sadly, severe mismanagement and some ill-advised deals made with the Trade Federation and the Techno Union resulted in a sharp rise in Landspeeder prices accompanied by a dropoff in quality. It didn't take long for other upstart planets and companies to cash in on Detroits mistakes and all but force them out of the industry. It also didn't help that Landspeeders were seen old-fashioned and inefficient, and were useless on many densely populated worlds. Detroit tried to diversify its offerings with things like Swoop Bikes, but nothing really worked. With the industry gone, the large population suffered high unemployment and many residents turned to lives of crime. Eventually, crime became the top industry on the planet, beating out Spice trade, and prostitution. Detroit became the low watermark for safety in the Galaxy.

Notable Residents

Smuggler Duke Spacejogger was from Detroit. Sith Lords Darth Gangstar and Darth Ennis were also both from Detroit.