Cane came from the planet Yuvern, and went on to become an incredible athlete. He was raking in the cash, and had more women than he could eat. It just was never enough.

Cane developed a dependency on performance enhancing substances, always trying to keep that edge that set him apart from the rest of the league. He wasn't getting any younger, and he was living a certain lifestyle that he couldn't give up. He'd be damned if he was ever going back to the ghettos of Yuvern.

In the end, he was found out and banned from professional sports. Broken and alone, Cane attempted suicide but was saved. His friend, Herm Edwards, dropped Cane off at Jabba's Palace/halfway house. There, Bron Burs began the process of helping Cane learn to live without his substances, and to find happiness in the life he could lead. The process had only just started when Luke Skywalker showed up and blew everyone up.